Learn Python "The Easy Way"

Here is a list of free programming books. This is a blog one of my other candidates wrote about learning Python (really useful) – this is his GitHub account. I’ve attached a copy of Learn Python the Hard Way which is also useful.  This is a good blog to look at as well. A Quora article on it. And one more! The Hitchhikers Guide to Python is cool – with an interactive tutorial! And finally, look under ‘Experienced Developers new to Python’ for a few more resources. My advice is to not spend the money on that course, but to rather teach yourself and spend the time on GitHub making projects – if you need projects, I always have ideas and can’t code (well very basically only, and am rusty as I learnt 3 years ago and haven’t done all that much since), so holla and we can get together and do something! The course is not going to make a huge difference to your CV and the GitHub experience is far more valuable (i.e. actual proof that you’ve used it/played with it!).

Injecting Code with Python


Nicole Pretorius