hatch Overview


Hailed as 'the best hackathon I've ever attended', Hatch London kicked off in November 2017.

100 student hackers and 20 mentors from leading tech companies joined forces at the Ministry of Justice in London, to solve real world problems at the Hatch London event.

Alongside a diverse group of companies, including DeepMind, XTX Markets, and Vodafone, students worked together to develop tech-driven solutions that create a positive social impact.

400 students UK-wide applied to attend the event. The successful hackers represented 28+ universities UK-wide and the final 100 were chosen to ensure we achieved maximum diversity in degree disciplines, genders and technical abilities.

During the 2 day hack, delegates were given access to some of SheCanCode's diverse pool of mentors. Ranging from software engineers from the public sector and FTSE250 companies, to leaders at some of London’s fastest growing startups like Stripe and Starling Bank

“We're excited to experience leading tech companies putting diversity + social impact on the agenda under our roof this weekend.” Usmain Javaid, Head of IoT Customer Solution, Vodafone


hatch 2017