frequently asked


do i have to be a computer science student?

Definitely not! The entire concept of hatch depends equally on the contributions from both non-technical and technical participants, so we actively encourage students from all backgrounds to apply.  Our 100 participants will include students with a wide-range of skillsets, both technical and non-technical, so that a diversity of thought, experience and intellect will drive innovation and ignite collaboration.

who is invited + how do you select participants?

We are looking for students with an innate curiosity for technology. 

Around 50% of the invited participants will have a demonstrated understanding of technology. Perhaps you're studying computer science, you've been to a bootcamp or you taught yourself how to code?

The 50% will be reserved for those with complementary skillsets. Perhaps you're a finance student with an interest in how companies like Monzo are disrupting the banking sector? Perhaps you're an arts student interested in how digital design will shape the future of art? 

What will you all have in common? A passion for social impact and an interest in working in the tech industry. 

will i meet with employers?

Yes! Hatch is as much a networking event as it is a hackathon. There will be times allocated throughout the weekend to specifically chat with employers and recruiters, as well as having the option to have your CV be viewed by employers before the event. 

what prizes could i win?

We will be announcing prizes soon. 

what if I'm not from a uni in London?

Not a problem - we welcome applicants from all over the country. However, please be aware that unfortunately we are currently unable to provide reimbursements for any expenses you incur as a result of participating in hatch London (e.g. travel, accommodation).

what is a hackathon?

Hackathons are an incredibly fast-paced event where people of technical backgrounds come together, usually in a competitive setting, to collaboratively come up with, and code a solution to a problem or innovative idea through different mediums such as websites, apps and robots. Hackathons buzz with creativity, self-expression, and entrepreneurial spirit. 

Hatch is a first-of-a-kind hackathon for promoting an equal balance between all genders and skillsets (technical or non-technical).

can i run this at my uni?

We'd love to hear from you. Send us an email if you wish to have the Hackathon at your Uni next year (