Recently, it has been reported that a skills gap exists in STEM disciplines in the UK. Deutsche Bank is thrilled to be part of a community initiative that promotes technological innovation and inspires the next generation of students into STEM.
— Mary Yucedal, Deutsche Bank (2018 Sponsor)

hatch: the what, the why & the how

Now in its third year, hatch is the UK’s first 50:50 hackathon - 50:50 both in gender and skillset diversity. This means that boys and girls, technical and non-technical, come together for a weekend to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges, as defined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including poverty, justice, infrastructure etc.

I think it’s a lot about women believing in what they can do. I think hatch is a great event because of its gender diversity.
— Niki Beattie, Chairman at XTX Markets