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verb. (1) to incubate; emerge.

noun. (2) a student competition that harnesses technology to brainstorm, design and pitch solutions to solve real-world problems like those outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


developing impactful solutions to real-world problems.

the creative intensity of a hackathon meets the inspirational + collaborative atmosphere of a tech festival

Over 2 days, 100 of the brightest students from all degree backgrounds will be teaming up in London, UK to innovative and solve real-world problems.  At the end of the event, you'll have the chance to pitch your ideas to a panel of industry experts and win prizes.

Winning teams will leave with practical skills relevant to the tech industry, impact innovation experience, cool goodie-bags and a network of leaders and changers in the tech industry.

Hatch is a unique opportunity to understand and develop skills needed to enter and remain in technology.

Throughout the competition, interactive workshops led by industry experts will be held. Hackers will have the unique chance to tap into & engage with exceptional support network of inspiring guest speakers, mentors and alumni entrepreneurs.


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Eddie jaoude: You can code, too!

Intro to launching your first website in Open Source on Github. From issue tracking to version control and web hosting. Using these new skills and with a little html and css, build your first website with Github pages which will give you continuous deployment for your website to allow the world to see it after every minute.


Vodafone: pandas & data analysis!

A practical introduction to Pandas, one of the fastest-growing Python packages for easy and rapid data analysis, using guided examples on tube journey data.  Pandas allows you to extract the most relevant insights from your data and is an important part of the data science pipeline.



Source: https://www.toptal.com/machine-learning/machine-learning-theory-an-introductory-primer

Deepmind: Sprinkle Your App With Tensor Flow

Deepmind: Sprinkle Your App With Tensor Flow. This is a hands-on introduction to machine learning with Tensorflow, the open source framework for numerical computation. You'll learn how to construct a computational graph, how to connect to data sets and train a supervised model, and how to wire the trained model into your application. Knowledge of Python and basic linear algebra is assumed, no machine learning background necessary.


Nicole Pretorius

CEO, SheCanCode.io & Hatch


Usman Javaid

Head of IoT Customer Solutions, Vodafone


Paul Bereza

Software Developer, XTX Markets 


Anne Boden

CEO, Starling Bank


Paula Muldoon

Software Engineer, Kurt Geiger


Bertilla Chow

Director, Women In Tech, UCL Entrepreneurs





Tera Sponsor


Tera Sponsor


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Giga Sponsor

UK Ministry of Justice

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J.P. Morgan

Mega Sponsor


Prizes donated by: 


Elysia Catering


F&B partners


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Affiliates & Co-organisers of Hatch

In partnership with SheCanCode.io, we are a select team of students from the UCL Entrepreneurs Society that have come together to make Hatch a reality. Our roles vary from marketing to logistics and legal; and we are deeply integrated into the organisation of Hatch London which has provided us with real world experience and an incredible opportunity to be a part of something that has the potential to inspire our generation to be more digital. 

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Creators of Hatch

At SheCanCode, we're on a mission to bridge the digital skills gap by empowering women to enter and remain in technology. Hatch was developed out of a passion for social impact, and a desire to not just talk about the advantages of diversity, but to show how diversity can drive innovation. 

Hatch is only the start of a series of such events that we'll be launching around the world, so get involved!

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Scrum Educational Experience Hack Model

Our role at Hatch is to support mentors & facilitate the structure of sprints, using academic research to approach projects from an innovative & digital perspective, exposing hatchers to new tools, new ways to problem-solve, and providing exposure to scrum methodologies.

"blending diversity + innovation to create impact."

— SheCanCode


judging panel


Jackie Kay

Software Engineer, Deepmind

Oli0W8C6660-2-Square (1).jpg

Oli John

Head of IT Infrastructure, XTX Markets 

Usman Javaid

Usman Javaid

Head of IoT Customer Solutions, Vodafone

Tom Read, Chief Digital and Information Officer (CDIO), Ministry of Justice UK.bc6c0135c674a361be4d3ff83b428a3b650766b5.jpg

Tom Read

Chief Digital and Information Officer (CDIO), Ministry of Justice






Kimeshan Naidoo

CTO & Co-founder, Unibuddy

CTO & Co-Founder at Unibuddy. MSc Computer Science (UCL). Entrepreneur First Alumni. Software architecture, scalable SaaS cloud applications, full stack software development and GraphQL engineer

website | linkedin


Amandine Flachs

Tech Specialist & Consultant, co-founder, Unfold UK

Emerging Tech VR AR ML Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies Consultant | Co-founder at Unfold UK | Ex-Founding member at the Realities Centre | Looking to get into investment.


Mahoney Turnbull

Cofounder @CovertGarments / Blockchain Communications

She hails from New Zealand with a background in TechLaw. 8 countries, 3 languages and hundreds of startup migrations at scale later, including a batch @500Startups, she arrived in London to drive momentum in the equity investment space @Crowdcube, Europe’s premier platform, and mentor the next generation of startup leaders through @WeWorkLabs, @Google Launchpad and her retained global Board position at @StartupBus, with a specific interest in blockchain, sustainability and wellness.

Liv Sibony.jpg

Olivia Sibony

Co-founder, NED, Board Member - Grub Club

Olivia (Liv) Sibony is the co-founder of Grub Club. She set this up in January 2013 with her business partner Siddarth (Sid) Vijayakumar. Grub Club is the collaborative platform that connects food lovers with amazing dining experiences in spaces you never knew existed. Liv’s background is primarily Human Resources – in the Public, Third and Private Sector (Goldman Sachs) – as well as the catering industry. With food and people as her true passion, setting up Grub Club felt like the perfect way to turn the restaurant industry on its head. She is also on the Board of UCL's Institute of Global Prosperity's "Fast Forward 2030", which looks to inspire and support entrepreneurs to set up businesses that aim to tackle the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.


Claudia Coppenolle

Director, Digital Cash Products, Global Transaction Banking, Deutsche Bank

As Head of Digital Market Management for Digital Cash Products, Claudia is responsible for the delivery of market engagement campaigns that execute against Deutsche Bank’s digital ecosystem agenda. This includes the positioning of the transaction bank’s emerging technology vision for trends such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, Open Banking, as well as marketing of its digital product portfolio and collaboration agenda with technology partners.


Claudia runs various “Diversity & Inclusion in Digital” projects within and outside the bank and is a business mentor for HATCH, one of the UK’s leading community enterprise charities helping to turn start-ups into sustainable and scalable enterprises.


Aga Gajownik

Cofounder, I&I, lead mentor


Dan Palmer

Software Engineer, Thread

Dan has previously worked on OS X apps and computer security products. In his spare time he's learning Haskell, contributes to open source software, and enjoys taking part in hackathons.  

twitter | github



Piotr Mirowski

Research Scientist in Deep Learning, DeepMind

I have been working as a research scientist in artificial intelligence at DeepMind for 3 years, and my current interests include robotics, navigation and natural language processing. Prior to that, I worked on many diverse projects, including: finding fractures in rocks (as a research engineer in geology, at Schlumberger), on epileptic seizure prediction from EEG (at the New York University Medical Center), on geo-localisation (as a research scientist at Bell Labs) and on search query auto-completion for Microsoft Bing. All these projects share the same approach: coding up and training machine learning models, most often neural networks. I studied computer science in Toulouse, France, where I obtained an MSc from ENSEEIHT in 2002, and obtained a PhD in computer science from New York University in 2011. My other passion, besides AI, is performing theatre and improv comedy.

IMG_4070 (1).jpeg

Emily Reynolds

YouTube, EMEA Strategy Lead

From the US originally, after completing my MBA at Oxford in 2016, I moved to London to work at Google on the YouTube strategy team.

Photo Lola.JPG

Lola Wajskop

Venture Capital Analyst

Lola works at Hummingbird Ventures, where she invests in exceptional tech entrepreneurs across the globe. Prior to joining the Hummingbird team, Lola spent 5 years studying engineering (majoring in Electronics and IT) in Belgium and holds a second master degree from London Business School. She's the co-founder of Yes She Can, an initiative aiming at attracting more female candidates to engineering schools.


Eddie Jaoude

Senior Software Engineer. 2015& 2016 Top Trending Opensource Contributor on Github

OpenSource advocate. FullStack polyglot. Passionate for #Inclusion & #BestPractices @WeRockTech @EmpowerHack @WHFNP @AcornAspiration @CodeFirstGirls @MumsInTech



Paula Muldoon

Software Engineer, Kurt Geiger

After a career touring the world as a violinist, Paula Muldoon retrained as an engineer at Makers Academy. She now works as a full stack developer at Kurt Geiger. Currently based in Cambridge, UK, she maintains a busy speaking and coaching schedule - highlights include coaching at Rails Girls London (2017) and a workshop in Madrid, Spain (2018).

github | twitter


Claire Donald

Public Sector

Engineering Manager and Agile Coach with over 15 years’ experience in IT using both waterfall and agile methods. I have a high tolerance for ambiguity and have worked within fast-paced environments, coaching others to be at their best along the way. I proactively lead change and inspire others, having a positive impact in the workplace.I have managed and led large distributed teams of up to 200 people, including multiple suppliers, with budgets of up to £25m.

twitter | linkedin


Faiz S. Hussain

Operations & Systems Designer (Creation & Practice), Co-CEO (Covert Garments)

Faiz designs sophisticated systems for startups, corporates, social enterprises and non-profits to grow ethically, sustainably, with human impact, without cosmetic gimmicks; drawing from a broad base of expertise and transnational experience. He is in the midst of building his fourth venture around the future of logistics, invisible technology and a female-first, culturally-inclusive team.

website | twitter

Ross Sheil.jpg

Ross Sheil

Growth Lead, Startup Ecosystem, Stripe UK

Ross is Growth Lead for Stripe UK's Startup Ecosystem. Prior to Stripe Ross was Head of Mobile at Twitter EMEA running Twitter's mobile apps business & team. He was also named as #1 in Tech 2016, top mobile keynotes 2016 and top mobile advertising execs 2015.


Vera Johne

Software engineer, ThoughtMachine

I am from Norway with a BSc in CS from UCL and a master in machine learning from Cambridge. Now working as a software engineer at ThoughtMachine.


Martin Burrows

Software Engineer, JP Morgan

Full-stack developer with 10 years experience in the Finance, Tech and Education sectors. Likes coding, climbing, skiing and table tennis.

Elodie Draperi

Co-founder & COO of GiveVision

Pragmatic & enthusiastic social entrepreneur on a mission to support people living with sight loss through technology. Connector and MakeSense facilitator leveraging collective intelligence and design thinking to create positive impact.


Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 14.59.28.png

Billie Quinlan

Founding Member @ Zinc

Founding member at Zinc VC. Zinc is an innovation system created to build commercially successful businesses which solve chronic social problems for hundreds of millions of people in the developed world. The first cohort is focused on transforming the mental and emotional health of women and girls in the developed world.


Anne Boden

CEO, Starling Bank

As CEO, Anne oversees the Executive Leadership Team and focuses its vision on building the best possible customer experience. She is also a member of Starling’s Board of Directors. After graduating in computer science and chemistry, Anne started her career at Lloyds Bank, where she helped architect CHAPS, the UK’s first real-time payments system. She worked at Standard Chartered and UBS, before becoming Head of EMEA, Global Transaction Banking across 34 countries for RBS and ABN AMRO.


Mohamed Elshami

Application Developer, JP Morgan

Mohamed is a software engineer in finance and risk management.



the hatch team



Nicole, Team Lead

CEO & Cofounder of Hatch and SheCanCode


Niha, Marketing

 Neha works on making sure word of hatch reaches the right audience. She's a final year Econ and Business student who has only ever done Software Development internships. She likes clicking pictures and buying cheap tickets to wherever, whenever.



Nikki, Logistics

Nikki is responsible for helping Chenyang with managing catering + venue.

A second year Civil Engineering student, she enjoys visiting art galleries, musical shows, lacrosse and badminton in her free time


Daniela, PR

Daniela takes care of our communications with hatchers.

A first year Mathematics student, Daniela is keen on traveling around the globe, learning new languages and dancing.


Tilly, Lead Coordinator

As Director of Women In Tech in UCL Entrepreneurs, Tilly heads the hatch London committee.

Tilly is a final year law student who is passionate about gender diversity in the tech industry. In her free time, she enjoys writing music, playing the piano, horse riding and contemporary dance.


Bhavi, Treasurer

Bhavi is responsible for the budgeting and cash flow management of hatch. 


Serra, Assistant  Coordinator

Serra is responsible for helping Tilly with the smooth operation of committee.

A first year History, Politics and Economics student, she enjoys reading, painting, playing the piano, and travelling in her free time.


Chenyang, Logistics

Chenyang takes care of all operational aspects of hatch London. A first year Medicinal Chemistry student, Chenyang enjoys film photography, baking, and playing the piano and guitar in her spare time.  


Alice, Hacker Experience

Alice is a former Facebook Software Engineer, and has been working as the CTO of SheCanCode for the last couple months.